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DynaFeed introduces smart garment technology, making fitness trackers obsolete

FENC dynafeed
Fitness trackers can be cumbersome and get in the way of proper training, often inciting athletes to go without one. But what if the fitness tracker was built into your apparel? DynaFeed is a smart garment technology that monitors your performance through your shirt —— bridging the digital and textile worlds. 

A collaboration between Far Eastern New Century (FENC) and NeuroSky, a global leader in EEG and ECG technology, DynaFeed combines biosensor data with ultra-thin conductive carbon polymer film, offering a revolutionary interface between the body and digital devices. The organic polymer effectively measures the voltage of a heartbeat. DynaFeed provides for an accurate way to track training and measure performance directly from your body core to your device — making wristbands a thing of the past. 

DynaFeed is also healthier for you, implementing a unique textile that eradicates the environmental and physiological effects created by heavy metal technologies. This cutting-edge fabric offers increased durability that equates to a lifetime of more than 100 wash cycles and improved resistance against chemical oxidizers. The fabric is a non-metallic polyester based matrix that can be customized to have the polymer woven or knitted in. In addition, it is low-profile and pliable, which equates to comfort and freedom of movement.

This technology not only measures your heartbeat but tracks biosignals and your workout effects in real time. DynaFeed immediately relays this information to your digital device and can help enhance efficiency and reduce the probability of an injury. The technology is applicable across a wide range of platforms, tracking rhythms such as weight-lifting tempos, cycling cadences, and transition times.

DynaFeed is ideal for use in rigorous training programs, including heavy weight training and interval training, and equally for the casual fitness regime, cardio workout, or wellness-management plan. Whether you are cycling, running, or doing yoga, DynaFeed stays with you through the whole workout, transmitting data to your digital device via highly conductive polymer film. These transmissions offer a complete overview of your physical activity, allowing you to tweak your regimen when needed. A layout of your fitness profile helps you to decide when you can push the limits of your routine and when you need to scale back.

Stay tuned for DynaFeed smart garment to appear in future apparel. You can learn more at the DynaFeed website.

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