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Gore Invisible Fit shoes will keep your feet dry during the wettest of runs

gore invisible fit
Whether or not you run for exercise, we can all agree on one thing: Running in the rain is not fun. Even if you find a way to keep your body dry, your feet end up soaked. And wet feet means blisters.

Currently, there are waterproof shoes already out there, but they can be heavy and don’t breath very well. Your feet sweat and again, you will have wet feet. However, the fabric specialists at Gore, the company behind Gore-Tex have created the best of both worlds. This material allows for the protective benefits while still maintaining the fit and feel of regular running shoes.

Called the Gore Invisible Fit, Gore-Tex took the waterproof, breathable membrane they are famous for and engineered a way to bond it as discretely as possible to a number of athletic materials.

This new method allows the shoe to remain 18 percent lighter than the traditional Gore-Tex construction. The shoe also picks up less water, leading to 50 percent faster dry-out times. For added comfort, Gore Invisible Fit eliminates wrinkles and folds. Any pressure points from bending the foot have been greatly reduced. It also allows for a custom liner in the heel that eliminates abrasions on the ankle and heel from the stitching.

According to Just Style, Gore found that 65 percent of runners within the United States exercise in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions. Additionally, 75 percent run in cold weather and 78 percent value the importance of waterproof, windproof, and breathability in their running shoes.

The company is expected to unveil Gore Invisible Fit during the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) trade show in 2017. The first running shoes made from this technology are planned to be released next fall or winter, just in time for those cold, wet winter months.

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