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The Boss is the ultimate backpack cooler you can take with you anywhere

icemule boss cooler you can take anywhere
Tired of dragging that heavy, cumbersome cooler through the sand or down the trail? Icemule introduces the Boss, the cooler you can wear on your back that goes wherever you go.

Say goodbye to warm beers and soaked backs — the Boss will carry ice-cold drinks with you mile after mile. The Boss represents the ultimate in cooler portability, with an impressive high-tech suspension system that includes ventilated air-mesh back pads, a cushioned hip belt, carrying straps, and a sternum strap. This cooler makes carrying heavy cargo easier than ever, engineered like a technical backpack. 

The Boss guarantees it will keep your drinks cold for days, boasting a layer of 3-centimeter PolarLayer XT Insulation foam. Pack all your cans or bottles in and rest-assured, you will have multi-day ice retention. In addition, the Boss features a unique IM AirValve that allows you to add air as needed —— serving for a level of insulation that goes above and beyond what any cooler has ever done before. 

The Boss is designed to be packed like a cooler rather than a backpack. The wide mouth Tri-Fold DriTop enclosure allows you to load your contents with ease and completely unassisted, so you can enjoy the freedom of packing on your own and not worry about catching yourself on an unruly zipper. The body is made from durable MuleSkin fabric which is completely waterproof and will last for years. The MuleSkin fabric also features welded seams for waterproofing assurance and can handle more than 60 pounds of weight. In addition, the cooler is designed to float when empty, assuring it will never get left behind.

Most likely, you are going to want to bring more than just drinks on a trip and you will need separate storage to keep the rest of your gear dry. The Boss offers three oversized pockets with PakShield zippers to keep water out. They are also padded and insulated, designed to keep products cold if needed. Pack a lunch or just throw in your essentials — the Boss is designed to be as versatile as it is innovative. Tons of Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) and clip points assure that nothing will get left behind, whether you are headed out for a hike, a stroll to the beach, or a long day of fishing

You can pre-order the Boss for $300 on Icemule’s website.

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