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This packable kayak folds up as small as a sleeping bag, and only weighs 6 lbs

Nothing rounds out a camping trip quite like a quick paddle in a kayak. The relaxing ride through the water is a perfect way to explore the area from a different point of view. Still, kayaks can be large and awkward. Sometimes they can be difficult to strap to a car. Other times, such as on a hiking trip, there is just no way to bring one along. Until now, that is.

Justin Case Kayak has developed a foldable kayak that breaks down to the size of a folding chair. It’s a kayak designed to bring along on adventures in the outdoors. At less than six pounds, it’s the lightest portable kayak available.

The brains behind the concept belong to Inna Morgan, who came up with the idea in 2015. Morgan was fed up with the issues surrounding the purchase of a kayak. They are large, require a good deal of storage space, and cost well over a thousand dollars. This led him to collaborate with European designers and engineers. What they came up with is the out-of-box solution aimed at kayakers of any experience level.

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A kayak from Justin Case sports a carbon fiber frame and a ripstop skin. Even though it tips the scales at just 5.7 pounds, the kayak can support up to 250 pounds. When all folded up, it measures 40 inches long and 6 inches wide. Full assembly takes about ten minutes to become 9.7 feet long and 26 inches wide with a depth of 9 inches. Prototypes have been water tested for the past six months, so safety and reliability are not a concern.

Currently, Justin Case Kayak is available through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Early birds can snag the kayak for only $690 while others can get one by pledging at least $790. With competition costing two or three times more than that, it’s an excellent reason to jump in — and without getting wet.

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