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The Katadyn BeFree water bottle provides clean drinking water on the go

One of the biggest challenges that hikers, trail runners, and backpackers face while in the backcountry is finding clean drinking water. Sure, that crystal-clear mountain stream might look like it is OK to drink from, but chances are there are microorganisms and other potentially harmful elements lurking within. Carrying a good water filter can help alleviate these concerns, but portable filters can be bulky and time-consuming to operate. Fortunately, there are other solutions available, including the Katadyn BeFree soft water bottle, which has the ability to filter water quickly and easily on the fly.

Swiss-based Katadyn has been making water filtration systems for use in the outdoors for years. In fact, the company specializes in developing reliable options for creating clean drinking water while camping, trekking, or on globe-spanning expeditions. Its products include everything from simple purification tablets to sophisticated manual desalinators for use on long-distance sailing voyages. Within the outdoor community, Katadyn products have a reputation for being tough, dependable, and easy to use, which often makes them favorites with explorers and backpackers traveling in remote areas of the world.

When designing the BeFree water bottle, the company put its considerable experience to the test by creating a lightweight filtration option that hikers and backpackers will want to take with them on the trail. Unlike hard plastic Nalgene bottles, the BeFree is made from a flexible material that can be squeezed, smashed, or even rolled up to conserve space. This makes it incredibly easy to stash in a backpack and since it weighs just two ounces, it doesn’t add undue bulk or weight either. The bottle can hold up to 0.6 liters of water and is durable enough to survive in rugged environments.

We’ve seen collapsible water bottles before however but what sets this one apart from the crowd is its built-in 0.1-micron filter that is located in the cap. This allows the BeFree to remove not only harmful bacteria and other microorganisms from the water as you drink, but particulates such as silt or dirt too. The result is cleaner and better tasting drinking water from just about any source, including those you find along the trail.

The Katadyn BeFree water bottle is available in just a 0.6-liter size at a price of $40. Later this spring, however, the company plans to produce both one-liter and three-liter editions for $50 and $60, respectively. The one-liter version will provide extra drinking water for those who need to stay more hydrated on the go, while the larger three-liter model is designed for use around the campsite. It even comes equipped with a handle to suspended from a tree branch or pole for easy gravity filtration capabilities as well.

What makes the BeFree a great option for outdoor enthusiasts and frequent travelers is that it is lightweight, easy to fill from any source, and provides on-the-go filtration. But, Katadyn has also made the bottle easy to clean too, ensuring that it continues to function properly and remains a viable solution for water purification for years to come. To remove unwanted debris and other items from the container, simply fill it with water, put the cap back on, shake it a bit, and pour the water out again. It is as simple as that.

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