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Mountain Hardwear reveals new Multi-Pitch line of climbing packs

Mountain Hardwear Multi-Pitch Packs
When the Outdoor Retailer gear convention opens in Salt Lake City on July 25, Mountain Hardwear will be on hand to reveal a host of new products, including a line of backpacks designed specifically for rock climbers. Dubbed the Multi-Pitch series, the new packs promise to blend durability, performance, and other features into a single bag that can be used throughout every section of a climb. Ahead of their official unveiling, Digital Trends has been given a sneak peek at these new packs, and here is what we saw.

The line of backpacks will consist of three models, the Multi-Pitch 16, 25, and 40. As is typical with any backpack, the number in its name indicates the amount of storage capacity it offers as measured in liters. In this case, the Multi-Pitch 16 is the smallest with 16 liters of capacity, while the Multi-Pitch 40 is the largest with a corresponding amount of storage to that number.

Each of the new packs is made from 840D ballistic nylon mixed with 600D “hardwear” tarp. That should translate to a very durable bag that can be used and abused around a campsite, hiking to and from the crag, and while actually climbing the wall. The packs will feature daisy-chain attachments for securing a helmet or other important gear, and Mountain Hardwear’s designers have integrated reflective elements to help make them more visible in low-light conditions too. All three versions feature a bucket-style design that allows them to stand securely on their own, making it much easier to load gear.

Mountain Hardwear Multi-Pitch Packs

As you would expect, the Multi-Pitch line also comes with some climbing-specific features too. For example, the two smaller models have deployable mesh side pockets for stowing climbing shoes or a water bottle, while the 25-liter version includes an external strap designed to securely carry ropes to and from the wall. The largest bag in the line-up even ships with a rope tarp to help keep climbing ropes organized, clean, and tangle-free.

The three bags all have their own unique properties that help separate them from one another as well. For instance, the Multi-Pitch 16 and 25 feature tuck-away hip belts and external gear loops for carrying extra items on the outside of the pack, whereas the Multi-Pitch 40 includes an integrated rain cover and improved access to the interior of the backpack via a zipped front panel. All three share an ergonomic design that should make them comfortable to wear, even when loaded down with gear.

The climbing packs are scheduled for release in the spring of 2018. The Multi-Pitch 16 will sell for $90, while the 25-liter version will go for $110, and the largest model will sell for $180. Mountain Hardwear will also introduce a new chalk bag for climbers as well, but pricing has yet to be announced.

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