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Mountaineers looking to discover new places to go climbing will want to add to their list of Internet favorites. The website is an online community for alpinists, giving them a place to meet, interact, and share information about their favorite mountains, while also posting summit reports from their recent climbs.

The site also includes intel on more than 300,000 mountains across the globe, offering information on their altitude, prominence, routes to the top, and much more.

Originally launched back in 2011, Peakery has seen steady growth in the years since. The site now boasts more than 11,000 active members, many of whom have shared personal stories about their own climbs, while logging summits on thousands of mountains all over the world. The information that those members share with one another has proven invaluable to others who are researching future expeditions and climbs of their own.

Recently underwent a redesign that has brought a host of new modern features to the site, some of which were detailed in a recent blog post from its developers. Among the things that were overhauled were overall site navigation and page design, which has helped to improve load time and general efficiency. But Peakery members also gained a lot of new functionality too, including the ability to upload GPS tracks from their expeditions and the opportunity to share the routes they take to the summit on the peaks that they bag.

The site also now offers the option to view the latest mountaineering activity in a user’s region and gives users improved summit logs with additional details that include larger photos, better video, maps, and details such as time on the mountain, distance, and elevation changes along the way.

Perhaps the most important update to the site’s design is the inclusion of mobile support. With its recent relaunch, Peakery now features three different page layouts, including one for use on desktops and laptops, another for tablets, and a third for smartphones. These layouts offer the same information — and in most cases the exact same functionality — just in a format that is best suited for the device that the site is currently being viewed upon.

As you can probably imagine, many members use the site while on the go, including when they’re actually on one of the mountains in its database. Being able to access that data on their mobile devices not only makes good sense, but could prove crucial to their success and safety, too.

If you’re a climber, but not yet a member, head over to to check out the site. If you’ve used Peakery in the past, then the new redesign is a good excuse to check it out once again. Chances are you’ll find some info that could prove helpful the next time you go out peak bagging.

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