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With its 93-mile range, Stealth’s P-7 electric bike takes you there and back again

City cycling isn’t for everyone. Depending on where you live, it can be a battle against the heat, hills, or both, turning a healthy means of transportation into a sweat-drenched trek across town.

Electric bikes offer a solution though by mixing manual pedaling with a powered ride, and the new Stealth P-7 stands out from the pack with an impressive range and versatility in a durable build. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to garner preproduction support.

“The P-7 is rugged, dependable, and a lot of fun,” John Karambalis, Stealth Electric Bikes CTO, told Digital Trends. “The long-range battery pack and heavy duty suspension combined with its ease of transportation mean that it can take you anywhere, and you can take it anywhere.”

At about 64 pounds, the P-7 isn’t the lightest ebike around but it certainly isn’t the heaviest either. Where it really stands out is in its 93-mile range and the simplicity of its design.

Stealth approached the bike with both city cyclists and weekend warriors in mind, building the street-legal bike to suit daily commutes around town and integrating a dual suspension frame for those who want to hit the trails.

The company’s aim was to minimize the number of moving parts to maximize its dependability — after all, the fewer things there are to move, the fewer things there are to break. Stealth is so confident in its own design, it offers a three-year warranty on its frame and swingarm, with a year’s warranty on all other parts.

“Upturning the industry isn’t our objective,” Karambalis said. “We’re upturning the fun factor and making personal transportation something riders can look forward to. Conventional ebikes tend to be a little slow and uninspiring. The new P-7 however comes from a background of high-powered mean machines, which are anything but boring.”

Stealth is offering a limited number of P-7s for a discounted Kickstarter price of 5,300 Australian dollars ($4,092) for 62-mile range and $6,300 Australian dollars ($4,865 US dollars) for 93-mile range. Each bike is 2,000 Australian dollars ($1,544) off its estimated retail price.