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You can help the planet on Inauguration Day by purchasing Sunski sunglasses

Helping the environment is something we all wish we could do. If we had more time, a lot more of us would be spending it with nature. Even if we can’t directly help, there are other people that can.

This year, in celebration of Inauguration Day, Sunski wants to help us help the planet. As part of an “Oath of Action,” the eyewear producer will be donating 100 percent of its online sales to One Percent For the Planet.

The company was inspired by Patagonia’s promotion last year during Black Friday. It donated all sales from that day to grassroots nonprofits. Sunski already donates 1 percent of its earnings to a number of environmental organizations. On January 20, however, the firm will donate an additional 99 percent as well.

“We’re giving 100 percent of our sales to 1 Percent For the Planet on Inauguration Day to show solidarity with the outdoor industry and to inspire our supporters to stand up for the environment by taking action in their community,” said co-founder Michael Charley. “Each voice in the pack adds to the howl!”

There are three organizations that Sunski donates to. Adventurers and Scientist for Conversation is a newer one that pairs explorers with institutions that need research done. Rather than spending large amounts of money for scientists to gather samples, regular people who are just taking a hike can gather the samples. Basically, the organization aligns incentives so that everyone can get involved in conservation research.

Save the Waves is another organization that aims to protect the ocean from a variety of man-made threats. The ocean generates the wind, waves, food, and more, but we aren’t taking care of this giant resource. Save the Waves ensures a sustainable coastline for the future.

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, meanwhile, focuses on teaching others to understand, protect, and cherish nature. There is a lot we can do to make a difference, but it does no good if other people aren’t aware.

Whether you lost a pair of sunglasses or not, consider Sunski on Inauguration Day. These are high-quality shades that won’t break the bank. Best of all, the $48 to $58 you spend goes to helping the planet you live on.

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