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The Tattico Bluetooth mini pump replaces heavy, cumbersome ground pumps

tattico bluetooth mini pump tattico2
Longer days in the bike saddle equate to the increased likelihood of a flat, making the ability to accurately measure your tire pressure absolutely crucial. Mini pumps are simple, small, and lightweight devices that can be mounted onto your bike frame or carried in a seat bag. They allow you to top off the air in your tires wherever you are — but they aren’t necessarily the most accurate. The Tattico Bluetooth mini-pump from Silca utilizes the iGauge application, which allows you to accurately measure your tire pressure on your smartphone from anywhere. 

The Tattico pump boasts an innovative design that adds a Bluetooth sensor to the base of the pump body without making it any larger than the original model. The sensor is concealed in a sealed, shock-resistant, and waterproof compartment that protects it from the elements and the rigors of the road. Tattico’s components are integrated into the inner tube of the pump, as opposed to traditional mini pumps, which feature parts that are fastened to the exterior, including the hose and check valve.

The Bluetooth sensor on the pump transmits pressure readings to the iGauge application made for Apple and Android. The application is user-friendly and features a sleek design interface that allows you to read tire pressure in PSI, BAR or KG/CM2. When you feel your tire pressure might be low, stop, hop off your bike, and open the application, which automatically syncs with the Bluetooth pump. Using the pump initiates a CR2032 battery, which triggers the Bluetooth sensor and relays information to the iGauge application. Pump to your desired reading, then simply close the app, which will automatically shut off the sensor’s battery.

The Tattico Bluetooth mini pump features an adaptable cup seal, which ensures increased efficiency at all temperatures. The product also includes a hidden heat sink, which serves to keep the pump cool, even at high pressures.

The Silca brand has been making advancements in mobile inflation technology for more than a century. Whether on the street, through the backcountry, or during a race, the Tattico Bluetooth mini pump is as accurate as it is reliable. The company says the pump is accurate to within plus/minus 2 percent. It retails for $120 on the Silca website.

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