Tipoon is a tiny pop-up camper that triples in size

If you’ve always wanted a full-featured camping trailer, but don’t happen to own a truck or SUV to pull one around, we may have found just the thing for you. The Tipoon is a diminutive pop-up camper that is light enough to be towed by a car and yet still manages to expand in size to provide enough living space to comfortably accommodate up to four people, all at the push of a button.

Designed to be an expandable, modular living space, the Tipoon is just 5.5-feet tall and 5.5-feet high when collapsed down into towing mode. Depending on the length of the drawbar on the trailer, the camper measures about 13.5 to 14.7 feet in length, making it fairly compact and easy pull behind a wide variety of vehicles.

In addition to towing mode, the Tipoon has two other modes as well — half-open and fully open — both of which are activated simply by using the included remote control. When in half-open mode, the camper raises up to its full height of 8.3 feet, providing a clearance of 6 feet, 2 inches in the interior. Additionally, a single side wing for the pod will also open, allowing access to the shower, toilet, and sink. Full mode opens the camper’s second wing as well and causes the Tipoon to self-stabilize and level itself on the ground. This is used when at the campsite or setting it up in your backyard.

Inside the Tipoon, you will find plenty of nice amenities. For instance, its kitchen includes a hotplate, refrigerator, and storage units for preparing meals, while the bedroom is equipped with a king-size bed. The living space also features a foldout dining area and a second bed that conveniently stashes away when not in use. LED lighting provides illumination and is powered by a rechargeable battery system, which will eventually be solar-compatible for charging up while on the go.

The team behind the Tipoon says that it is small enough to fit into pretty much any garage and will even squeeze into a standard parking space. Prices start at $29,500, although the camper is highly customizable, which could cause that price to vary somewhat. Orders are being taken now for June delivery.

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