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Light up your darkest night rides with the Torch M1 bike helmet

The Torch M1 claims to be the world’s brightest bike helmet thanks to its dual 500-lumen LED headlight that will brighten your path and ensure you’re always seen.

The light, which is adjustable and can be detached and mounted in a snap, offers a 30-degree beam for optimal visibility. Torch Apparel explains: “Many helmet mounted headlights provide narrow beam coverage, limiting the rider’s visibility … Our unique striated light casts an even beam 30 degrees across the path in front of you. Unlike a regular headlamp or single beam bike lights, Torch M1 spreads a diffused light over a wide area to avoid tunnel vision.”

The designers chose 500 lumen as the ideal level, believing that anything brighter carries the risk of dazzling other road users. But it also includes a selection of light modes that let you knock it down to medium and low brightness, with a fourth mode causing the light to gently pulsate.

You can leave it charging while going for a daytime ride.

A full charge gives you 1.5 hours of use with 500 lumen running the whole time, or 8 hours in pulse mode. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the light, and its removability means you can leave it charging while going for a daytime ride.

Providing extra confidence when you’re out on the road is an embedded rear safety light that shines bright red to ensure you’re always seen.

The stylish weatherproof helmet, currently an Indiegogo project from Los Angeles-based Torch Apparel, comprises a polycarbonate shell protecting the interior EPS foam, and has been OK’d by the appropriate safety bodies in both the U.S. and Europe. It comes with an an adjustable visor and ventilated design to keep your head cool when you’re riding along.

Torch Apparel CEO Nathan Wills told Digital Trends his team wanted to “include more ventilation [than its earlier T2 helmet] for those that ride in warmer temperatures or for those that ride athletically.”

Wills said the main challenge in designing the M1 was “creating a light small enough so that it did not become a bulky or heavy addition to the helmet and could be integrated in a low profile manner.”

He explained, “To do this, we designed the light housing as the actual heat sink for the dual LED light system. This eliminated some weight and helps the LEDs to perform at maximum power without dimming due to overheating.”

The Torch M1, which comes in two sizes, is making steady progress toward its $30,000 funding goal. You can pre-order the helmet, light, and charger for $99 — that’s half the expected retail price. Other early bird offers can also be viewed on its Indiegogo page.

So long as Torch Apparel hits its target and delivers on its promise, shipping is slated to begin in February 2018.

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