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French startup develops Aero, a foldable ebike that collapses in three seconds

Given the price of bicycles, it’s no wonder that people search for the most secure bike locks. Even then, it’s often easy enough to break through with a pair of bolt cutters. Instead of leaving a bicycle behind, foldable bikes offer a solution by allowing users to easily store them inside, out of harm’s way.

Aero is a foldable ebike designed by France-based Weebot. By optimizing speed, autonomy, and efficiency, the company has created an ideal solution for urban commutes. Wherever it needs to go, Aero can fold up in three seconds into a more accessible form.

When riders are ready to go, all they have to do is press the handle, fold the saddle, and deploy the wheels. Depending on the desired speed, there are two different models available. The Aero Plus reaches a top speed of 15 miles per hour while the Aero S has a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour. Aside from that, both models include the same dual rear disc, anti-skid system, front and rear suspension, and ultra-soft saddle.

Powering the motor is a Panasonic lithium battery for a maximum range of 45 miles. Remaining battery life, distance, and speed are all shown on a waterproof LCD screen on the bike stem. Additionally, the battery powers turn signals and a set of LEDs at the front and rear.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to create the Aero — and thanks to the invaluable feedback from the many people who have tried our prototypes, we’ve now reached a stage where we’re 100-percent happy with our ebike and are ready for large-scale production,” says Weebot founder Yann Assouline. “We hope many will want to join us for this wonderful adventure and experience the joy of riding an Aero!”

Aero is currently available for pre-order through its IndieGoGo campaign. The Aero Plus features an early bird price of $850 while the Aero S costs $950. Each model is available in black, blue, or red with an expected shipment window of August 2017.

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