Behind the scenes at NASA: This is what it takes to supply a space station

Today we had the chance to hang out with the NASA Social team as the crew at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia prepare for tomorrow’s launch of the Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft, which are carrying supplies to the International Space Station. Check out some of what we saw behind the scenes as they prep for the big event. 

1. There’s Cygnus – in all her glory. 

2. Approaching the Horizontal Integration Facility, which houses Cygnus. 

3. Hello, Cygnus. Or part of it…

4. An ant’s view of the warehouse. 

5. One of the engines. 

6. Tomorrow, weather permitting, these pieces will be on their way to the ISS. (Or… at least some of them will; others will break away and be destroyed by the atmosphere on their fall to earth. One percent is expected to fall into the ocean near New Zealand.) 

7. You know those little packets of capsules in your shoeboxes? These are those… for rockets. 

8. Our group approaching Antares, in all her glory. 

9. These tanks hold NASA approved-air for the ISS. Yes, really.