British architectural firm proposes complete overhaul of UK infrastructure with the Thames River Hub

Respected international firm Foster + Partners has unveiled an ambitious $80 billion plan to completely overhaul the transportation and energy infrastructure in Great Britain. The ambitious plan proposes a massive spine running the length of the United Kingdom combining all the most essential elements of the country’s infrastructure including energy, rail, communications and data. A hub for this massive endeavor would be situated on the river Thames, creating not only a barrier and crossing, but an international airport, high speed rail complex, and tidal power plant.

The London-based architectural firm has declared the need for Britain to overhaul its infrastructure and by doing so strengthening the country’s economic position domestically and abroad, ensuring that it remains a major player in the global market. With the spine running the length of the country, trade would be increased from north to south, as well as creating a large amount of jobs. Foster + Partners stress that to achieve this, advanced technology must be placed at the vanguard of Britain’s infrastructure.

Lord Foster, founder of Foster + Partners said that the United Kingdom needs “to recapture the foresight and political courage of our 19th-century forebears if we are to establish a modern transport and energy infrastructure in Britain for this century and beyond.”