CES 2012: Photos of Samsung’s new ST66 and ST76 SMART cameras

Form and function comprise two key components of Samsung’s new ST66 and ST76 ST series camera. Along with the ST 200F, all three belong to the Korean company’s new line of SMART cameras that feature integrated Wi-Fi capability, one button photo sharing, and free Cloud storage via Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive.

Perhaps the most standout feature of the SMART cameras from Samsung is the ability to upload photos to multiple social media and photo-sharing websites like Facebook and Picasa. While we’re sure more information will trickle out regarding these innovative new cameras from Samsung, as of right now specs for the ST66 and ST76 haven’t been fully fleshed out.

And with all this talk of integration and connectivity, it appears Samsung is really pushing its new SMART cameras technology —  encouraging users to upload and share their photos. While sharing images may have previously required further effort, now ,thanks to the host of new features utilized within, it seems to be easier than ever.