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New custom overlays make 360Fly action-cam shots look like a video game

360fly 4K GPS Video+Data on the Race Track
Remember playing Mario Kart and following the little track map in the corner? Well, now you can take footage from a POV action camera and mimic that effect on your own videos. On Tuesday, 360Fly, a 360 action camera company, announced a partnership with RaceRender that allows users to create custom overlays on their videos.

When the GPS is enabled, the 360Fly camera’s built-in GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer record location data. That information, including latitude, longitude, altitude, and speed is embedded into the video file.

Now, RaceRender allows users to customize exactly what they want to do with that information with several templates and adjustable options. Users can add a video-game-like map to the corner of their footage along with their lap times. Or, add a speedometer, G-Force meter, and gyro indicator.

The program will even work with drone footage, displaying the flight details such as the minimum and maximum height, as well as the climb rate and the current height for that moment in the footage.

360fly 4K on a Drone: Water Flyover and 400ft Climb

RaceRender, a desktop application, takes the uploaded footage, finds the embedded GPS data, and allows users to customize what they want to display, and where. Before recording, 360Fly users need to ensure the data is embedded by accessing the GPS settings inside the 360Fly app.

“Our integration with RaceRender represents yet another example of our ongoing efforts to innovate and raise the bar with advanced technologies for 360-degree video and the broader action camera market,” said Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO. “In-video statistical data overlays are the ultimate bragging tool, as racers, riders and action sports enthusiasts display critical performance data, including top speeds, lap and race times and more.”

RaceRender version 3.4.8 is available for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10 as well as Apple OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. The partnership with 360Fly brings the 360-degree compatibility to the program for the first time.

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