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Adobe Premiere Rush now allows Android users to edit video without the laptop


Adobe’s new video app Premiere Rush is designed for streamlining video editing — and now that workflow is available for Android users. Adobe expanded Premiere Rush to the Android operating system, opening up downloads of the video editor through the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store.

Adobe Rush brings several of the tools from Adobe’s pro-level video editor, Premiere, to a streamlined platform. While missing a handful of the more high-end features, Rush is designed for editing social media projects, as well as for newbie editors. 

The streamlined software still includes tools for editing and stitching, color correction, cleaning up audio, adding Motion Graphics templates for text and titles, and resizing for publication. The mobile app also allows users to capture video from within the Rush app.

The update brings the previously promised Android compatibility to the editing program after the software initially launched on desktop and iOS. Like Adobe’s other cloud-based apps, Rush is designed to allow editors to access projects anywhere, and without Android compatibility, that portability was missing for a large group of users. Using cloud storage, users can work from a desktop computer, then later work on the same project from a mobile device. 

While that cross-platform compatibility is now common with Adobe apps like Lightroom, Premiere Pro doesn’t have a mobile option. Rush projects can later be opened inside Premiere Pro to take advantage of more advanced editing tools when users have access to a desktop machine, Adobe says. This allows the program to both serve as a stand-alone, simplified editor and as an add-on tool for Premiere Pro users.

The Android launch also includes a partnership between Samsung and Adobe. Samsung says that Premiere Rush is optimized for each smartphone’s GPU, which means faster performance. Samsung Galaxy users can also receive a 20% discount on the software’s subscription.

Like the iOS version, the paid version of Premiere Rush for Android includes 100GB of Creative Cloud storage to help support that edit anywhere philosophy. On iOS, the app has already gained Editor’s Choice recognition and has an overall 4.5-star rating.

The Android compatibility is one of a handful of features Adobe said it was working on late in 2018. The company also shared plans for adding options to control video speed and to enhance the performance of the apps.

With the update, the subscription options for Rush remain the same. A free starter version offers all the software’s tools but is limited to three projects. The full app is available for $10 a month or is also included with the Premiere Pro single app subscription and the All Apps plan.

Updated on May 22, 2019: Added Samsung and Adobe partnership.

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