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Ansel Adams historic Arca-Swiss View camera to be auctioned online

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Revival Auction Company gives you the chance to own Ansel Adams' camera on July 9, 2014. Whether or not you have the cash might be a problem.
Ansel Adams is considered, undoubtedly, one of the most prolific American photographers of all time. Adams is well-known for his usage of large-format cameras, and one of them could be yours – if you have the highest bid.

Adams’ personal Arca-Swiss 4×5 View Camera, a photography relic of historic proportions, will be auctioned off online by the Revival Auction Company on July 9. The camera, listed in “excellent” condition, is expected to sell for a staggering amount.

The Arca Swiss 4×5 camera was used by Adams between 1964 and 1968 and is fully functional, though it would still likely fetch a huge sum even if it is broken. The camera itself was passed onto Adams’ full-time photo assistant, friend, and noted photographer Liliane De Cock Morgan. When Morgan passed away on May 25 last year, she left the camera to her son, who kept it safe in storage.

Adams' Arca Swiss 4x5 View Camera was passed on to his long-time assistant Liliane DeCock, and then to her son.
Ansel Adams’ Arca Swiss 4×5 View Camera (and other equipment) was passed on to his assistant, Liliane De Cock Morgan, and then to her son.

Since it very well could be the first Ansel Adams camera to ever be sold, the Arca-Swiss 4×5 will be highly sought after, and is expected to sell for at least $300,000. Adams’ camera will be auctioned off along with a long list of his other photo equipment that includes Leica, Nikon, and Zeiss camera bodies and lenses (full catalog list can be viewed here).  

If you’d like to bid on this historic camera, visit the auction’s site then, and good luck – you’re certainly going to need it.

(Via The Phoblographer)

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