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Cannes film festival director bans ‘ridiculous and grotesque’ red carpet selfies

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Love them or hate them, selfies have become ingrained in our culture — but don’t tell that to the director of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. For the 68th edition of the festival, which begins tomorrow and runs through the 24th, extended-arm smartphone pics will be looked down upon (and possibly even stopped), according to the Hollywood Reporter. Festival director Thierry Fremaux has some strong feelings about the selfie trend, sparking an unofficial “law” similar to what happened at last week’s Met Ball in NYC.

“You never look as ugly as you do in a selfie,” said Fremaux, explaining one reason for the “ban” to The Hollywood Reporter. He called the self-snap “ridiculous and grotesque,” and hopes that his choice words will help ease the foot traffic on the red carpet. “We don’t want to prohibit it, but we want to slow down the process of selfies on the steps,” he said.

Celebrities have certainly taken to selfies, which they then post on social media to great adoration from their teaming fan base. During the 2014 Academy Awards, Ellen DeGeneres posed a selfie with 12 A-listers including Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Kevin Spacey which set the record for the most retweeted image ever. Kim Kardashian recently promoted her new book, called “Selfish,” via underwear selfies — which of course, offer a wholly different kind of appeal. And even President Obama likes taking selfies.

It is just an unofficial ban, though, and we’re sure A-listers at Cannes (Rosario Dawson, Hilary Swank, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon and others) will be able to get away with Instagramming on the red carpet should they attempt to take a quick pic. Palais’ director of marketing Isabelle Gaiche mentions that security personnel will give the offenders a warning, but that’s it.

“The announcement itself has in some ways created a lot of buzz, but I’m sure the selfie will still go on,” said Palais’ director of marketing Isabelle Gainche to The Hollywood Reporter. “Hopefully people will be aware of it now and fewer people will do it because of the announcement.

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