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Eye autofocus arrives on Canon’s selfie-loving mirrorless for beginners

Canon’s mirrorless camera for newbies, selfie-takers, and vertical video enthusiasts just got a refresh. On Wednesday, September 25, Canon unveiled the Canon EOS M200, a beginner-friendly mirrorless camera that adds eye detection autofocus and 4K video to the features of the older M100.

The Canon EOS M200 keeps the same 24.1-megapixel APS-C sensor as the M100, an unsurprising move considering the budget price. The unchanged sensor means the M200 should snap images that are just as good as those taken with the M100.

Those 24 megapixels, however, are getting an even better Dual Pixel autofocus system with the addition of eye detection. Canon’s Dual Pixel AF is a solid autofocus system already, but now the camera can recognize and focus on eyes instead of relying on the user to place the focal point over the eyes. That should help newbies nail the focus on shots of people, as well as simplify selfies.

A new Digic 8 processor also allows the camera to step up to 4K video at 24 fps. That move allows for more detail and resolution, but video doesn’t use the whole sensor at a 1.6x crop. That’s something Canon has also done with other cameras, delivering the resolution but narrowing the view of an attached EF-M lens. Video can be shot in both the traditional horizontal format and the mobile-friendly vertical orientation.

Despite the new processor, burst shooting remains unchanged at 6.1 fps, while the camera also keeps the same ISO range, 100-25600.

Like the M100, the Canon EOS M200 is designed for the selfie generation, and as such, most of the controls live on the three-inch touchscreen, which can also flip 180 degrees for selfies. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and editing features such as skin smoothing are also geared towards selfie enthusiasts.

The simpler design can feel less daunting for beginners. Canon pairs that minimalist design with a Creative Assist mode that allows users to make adjustments without understanding any camera jargon, and a Feature Assistant mode that helps teach that jargon with on-screen instruction.

Besides the touchscreen controls and selfie modes, Canon adds one more feature for beginners and selfie enthusiasts — the price point. The camera comes bundled with an EF-M 14-45mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens for about $550. The camera is expected to start shipping next month.

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