Canon vs. Nikon: There’s an infographic for that


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Since the dawn of the consumer photographer, the battle of Canon versus Nikon has been raging. There has also been a smaller war brewing between DSLR photographers and novice point-and-shooters alike, as both sets claiming that theirs is the more capable machine, and both groups have their company of choice.

Despite some of our own personal biases, it’s clear that Canon and Nikon have their respective strengths. Canon is particularly well known for its tough-bodied, durable high-end cameras, which are nearly immune to inner condensation – a tough find in most DSLRs. The brand is also revered for its sharp image quality and appeal to a wide range of skill levels, which helps it find fans in the advanced and beginner sets. But Nikon has its own perks: It created the first DSLR that professionals deemed worthy of replacing film SLRs, and has made arguably larger strides when it comes to low-light shooting. It seems that the general consensus has been Nikon DSLRs just edge out their Canon competition, and in turn Canon compacts take top spot. But the two major camera companies are so neck-and-neck with their new products and innovative technology that it’s difficult – one might even say pointless – to try and concretely pick a winner.

And that’s where Beste Product steps in. The infographic artsists behind the Dutch product site took it upon themselves to plainly, clearly, and colorfully map out criteria for the brands and find which truly triumphs in the Canon versus Nikon epic. Take a look for yourselves – and for die-hard Nikon loyalists out there, we’re inclined to once again remind you we are not responsible for the results.

nikon vs canon Infographic