Lynx video slider system is synced to the motion of your smartphone

Cinetics is back with their fourth Kickstarter project, and this time the startup is crafting a “dream motion kit.” The Lynx, launched on Kickstarter earlier this week, is a Bluetooth-enabled camera motion control system that can be controlled simply by moving your smartphone.

The Lynx uses four different components (in addition to the mobile app): A slider, a slider motor, a controller, and a pan-and-tilt motor. Those assets work together in what Cinetics is calling a motion-control kit set to the highest standards. The multi-element design allows the Lynx to operate as a traditional slider, add pan and tilt to videos or time lapses, or even be configured to custom shots.

Cinetics / Kickstarter
Cinetics / Kickstarter

The Bluetooth connection allows the system to be controlled from a smartphone, including a joystick and preset camera moves. But the Lynx goes beyond the traditional touchscreen controls. With a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, the system can also imitate the motion of the phone, expanding the options for a more hands-on approach over the touchscreen controls.

The slider uses a quiet motor to move the camera along a set of 24 inch rails (or farther with additional rail kits). The motor is also capable of a vertical set-up for cameras weighing up to 10 pounds. The pan and tilt motors are both capable of a 360 degree range of motion for cameras up to five pounds, while the controller houses precision controllers and puts several control options in a simple interface, Cinetics says.

The company says they’ve worked with multiple prototypes over the past three years to craft the Lynx. Cinetics launched back in 2011 with CineSkates, a pair of wheels that turns a Joby GorillaPod into a wheeled camera dolly for anything from smartphones to DSLRs.

The Lynx systems start at $499 for a nonmotorized slider and head up to $1,500 for the complete system. If the Kickstarter raises $100,000 by May 5, Cinetics aims to start shipping the sliders this summer.

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