Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle lets you take a photo of yourself enjoying fizzy beverage

coca cola selfie bottle screen shot 2016 11 16 at 9 22 46 am

It takes a special kind of narcissist to deem even the most mundane of activities worthy of a selfie, and now, Coca-Cola wants to encourage that kind of behavior by way of its new selfie bottle. Because the selfie stick wasn’t an egregious enough invention. Meet the Coca-Cola selfie bottle, which is, as you might’ve guessed, a bottle of Coke that takes your selfie. Welcome to the 21st century.

Created by Tel Aviv creative agency Gefen Team, these bottles have a plastic camera attached to the bottom that automatically snaps a photo whenever it’s tilted at a 70-degree angle (approximately the angle at which you need to hold the bottle to take a swig). The resulting photos are automatically uploaded to the beverage company’s Israeli Facebook page and Instagram account, as well as your own Snapchat, so drink with caution. You don’t want to accidentally share more than you intended.

While the bottles were intended to be released over the summer, it looks as though their debut was delayed until quite recently. So rather than snapping selfies of yourself enjoying a Coke at the beach, you’re more likely attempting to keep your beverage from freezing as you bundle up and prepare for the impending winter.

Social media has certainly become an increasingly integral component to brand marketing, but the introduction of hardware into well known products is still a relatively new pursuit. It’s not altogether novel, though, as the Daily Dot pointed out — last year, Cinnamon Toast Crunch had a similar selfie campaign with its free “Selfie Spoons,” which were really just selfie sticks with spoons attached to one end, allowing breakfasters to snap a photo of themselves while enjoying a bowl of cereal.

So if you start seeing photos of folks drinking Coke at strange angles, you’ll know who (or rather, what) to blame.