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The retro camera craze branches out into tripods with filter company Cokin

The retro faux leather wrap is the new black for mirrorless cameras — and now there is a tripod to match. The Cokin Riviera Classic is a new aluminum tripod that is old at heart with leather-inspired accents and a real wood handle.

Joining the retro-inspired cameras, lenses, and bags, Cokin brings the retro fad to camera support systems with the Riviera. Designed by the French filter company Cokin in collaboration with tripod brand Slik, the Riviera supports the weight of the camera with the more modern aluminum, keeping it at a fairly reasonable 3.4 pounds while still being able to manage up to 11 pounds of gear.

Those aluminum legs, however, are mixed with more classical inspiration, including leg wraps made from the same leather-like material found on retro-styled mirrorless cameras. The legs use a twist style adjustment, opening to reveal brushed aluminum tucked away inside those leather wraps. The tripod reaches heights of up to 63 inches, folding down to 23.6 inches

The tripod’s head uses metal dials that Cokin says reflects the controls on old manual cameras. An Ikoro wood handle crafted in France highlights the tripod’s vintage design. The design inspiration even extends to the included case, which Cokin says is made from “leather-inspired” fabric.

While the tripod may look classic, the manufacturer includes a few modern perks. The center column is reversible for a wider height range. The multi-action head uses a 360-degree plate and those telescopic legs use unlockable angles.

Cokin says they decided to collaborate with Slik on the project because the company is known for designing long-lasting tripods.

The classically inspired tripod was introduced in France last Thursday — but Cokin has yet to reveal a price (or a ship date) for its tripod.

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