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Cooke brings miniS4/i cinema lenses to Canon, Nikon, Sony, and mirrorless cameras

cooke cinema lens interchangeable mounts minis4 i
The U.K.-based Cooke Optics, manufacturer of some of the highest-end cinema lenses available, just announced that it will make its miniS4/i line available in four new mounts: Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and Micro Four Thirds (Olympus and Panasonic). This is great news for filmmakers who want an easier way to use true cinema glass on their DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

Until now, DSLR filmmakers after the classic “Cooke look” could invest in having their Canon 7D or other camera body permanently converted to accept PL-mount lenses, the only mount previously available from Cooke. Mirrorless camera shooters had the option of using a lens adapter, but now they will have native support. Users can purchase a lens with their preferred mount already installed, or buy the mount separately and install it themselves.

“With the introduction of these interchangeable mounts, we can now bring the Cooke Look to many more cameras and productions, giving even more choice to directors of photography,” said Les Zellen, Cooke’s chairman and owner, in a statement.

This doesn’t mean the process of shooting with a Cooke lens will be painless, however. Each lens is priced at about $7,300, and a set of all ten will run you $69,500, according to DPReview. Still, that’s actually not bad as far as cinema lenses go.

As smaller cameras continue to gain acceptance as high-end production tools, it makes sense that Cooke would look to support them. Lenses in the miniS4/i series are particularly well suited to DSLR and mirrorless cameras as they are quite a bit more compact than Cooke’s other models (although still larger than first-party lenses). The series contains 10 prime lenses spanning a focal length range of 18mm to 135mm.

The new mounts will be shown off IBC later this month and will be available in October. More information on Cooke lenses can be found at the official website.

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