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GoPro adds in-camera editing for creating short clips for sharing

GoPro Quick Start: Creating Short Clips on the Camera
You can create a full-length video with a GoPro camera, complete with storyline from beginning to end. But what if you just want to create a short, on-the-fly clip that you can share instantly with the world? That’s the premise of GoPro’s new Video Trim + Share feature, which lets you make 5, 15, or 30-second clips – in camera or through the GoPro smartphone app, without transferring to a computer.

gopro_trimandshare_featuredIn-camera trimming is available in the Hero+ LCD, Hero4 Silver, and Hero4 Black with the LCD BacPac attached. In playback mode, pressing the Trim icon puts you into an editing mode, letting you find and extract those exciting moments during a shoot (even quicker if you use the camera’s HiLight Tag function during recording or playback), and save it as a new shareable file. The function is also available for all Wi-Fi-enabled Hero cameras via the GoPro App for iOS or Android.

To get the feature, you’ll need to install the latest firmware for your camera, or download the latest version of the app. When you get to the moment of a clip you want to share, tap pause and the Trim (scissors) icon and you get a default frame of 15 seconds, which you can reposition or change the start and end points; pressing the clip changes the length to 5 or 30 seconds, and you can also create a still image instead of a video. It’s not a complete editing solution (e.g., you can’t combine moments from different parts of the clip), but it’s a quick way to share a cool moment. The clip is saved to the SD card for sharing later (via the GoPro App), or if you’re doing this via the app, you can share immediately.

GoPro App Quick Start: Trimming + Sharing a Video Clip

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