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Faceless girlfriend who leads Instagram photographer around the world revealed!


Instagram may have created a whole new interest in digital photography, but simply adding filters on top of your shots does not make them works of art. Composition is still important, which is why the recent attention to the work of Russian photographer Murad Osmann is so interesting. He has been showcasing a collection of photos on his Instagram account, of his girlfriend and him in various parts of the world. What’s unique about the photos – besides being beautifully shot – is that each is always captured from Osmann’s perspective and with him being led by the hand by his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova. From Hong Kong to London to Berlin, Zakharova leads the viewer (via Osmann) through some of the world’s gorgeous locales.

According to PetaPixel, Osmann used both his iPhone and DSLR to shoot the photos, who then adds effects using the Camera+ app before uploading to Instagram. The project began with the first shot during a trip in Barcelona in 2011, when Osmann’s girlfriend would pull him by the hand after becoming annoyed that Osmann was too occupied with the camera.

Although the viewer never sees Zakharova’s front, Osmann finally revealed the famous subject’s identity to the Huffington Post UK after the attention his project has received.

(Images via Murad Osmann / PetaPixel and Huffington Post UK)


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