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Flickr revamp includes responsive redesign, updated notification system

flickr redesign responsive column notifications flickrii
Yahoo might still be working out the numbers behind its expected acquisition by Verizon, but that hasn’t stopped its Flickr team from putting out a new update for its photo hosting service.

As part of a vision to simplify the process of discovering and engaging with the more than 12.4 billion photographs hosted on its servers, Flickr has released an update that brings a new responsive design, an improved photo preview option, and an all new notification system.

Starting with the new discovery features, Flickr has made it easier to see more photos at once when browsing thanks to a new responsive feed that shows photos side-by-side in one, two, or three columns, depending on the size and resolution of your screen as you scroll. In addition to more photographs, Flickr also takes a note from its mobile apps and now show you more relevant photos by prioritizing certain images based on your favorite photos and Flickr’s featured photographers.

The updated preview feature now gives you the ability to see how many photos have been uploaded by the people you follow, and browse those photos right in your feed. Until now, you had to go to a specific user’s feed to browse their latest photos.

Last but not least is the updated notification system. Using a new notification hub, you will be alerted anytime there is activity on your photos without the need to jump from one page to another. Groups notifications are now a thing as well, a feature that has long been requested by Flickr users.

It’s not a game-changing update, but it’s a step forward. You can read more about the update and take it for a spin by head over to Flickr.

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