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Foto Nouveau watches are inspired by Leica and Hasselblad camera designs

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Smartwatches might be all the craze nowadays, but if you’re looking for something more traditional with a touch of photographic inspiration, you might find yourself interested in Foto Nouveau.

Founded by Getty Images Art Director William Bon, Foto Nouveau is an up and coming watch and accessory manufacture inspired by the designs of cameras new and old.

The company came to be with the help of a savings account Bon had created with the income he earned from shooting photo assignments. After developing a handful of designs, Bon traveled the world in search of facilities able to produce the watches he had meticulously designed.

Foto Watches 2

From the initial sketch to the final product took roughly three years, but it is now finally complete. The first three Foto Nouveau watches have been released to the world, each of which features a face inspired by photographic equipment.

All three of the watches are constructed of stainless steel cases, calf leather straps, sapphire crystal faces, and Ronda movements.

“Foto Nouveau combines design elements of classic film and modern digital cameras into unique small-batch time pieces and accessories,” says the company’s website, adding “the results are products that reflect visual and tactile elements of medium format and 35mm camera design.”

Foto Watches 3

Two of the watches are based off viewfinder designs, complete with focusing points and overlays. These come in at $300 a piece. The third watch is inspired by the optical construction of 50mm lenses and costs $280.

If traditional watches aren’t your thing and you already have a smartwatch, you could always save yourself the trouble and create a photography-inspired face all on your own.

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