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Spit out instant wall art, cards and more with these free printables

Rawpixel / Unsplash
Rawpixel / Unsplash

Art can be as expensive as a Picasso — or as cheap as a ready-made graphic spit out by your inkjet printer. Free printables are great for filling in that blank spot on a gallery wall, adding a calendar to the office, or not stressing about that last minute party invitation with a cute card that doesn’t require a trip to the store.

But “free” usually comes with a catch — so are free printables really free? Often, free printables are from designers, bloggers or businesses trying to get their name out there — and free is the magic word to capture your attention from a Google search. You may have to offer your email in exchange or click to follow the designer on social media, or you may find yourself impressed enough to browse a gallery of paid wall art, but for the most part, free really does mean free. Think of it as the free popcorn at the car dealership, only for online stores.

So where do you find some of the best free printables on the web? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites so you can spruce up your walls during spring cleaning, say I’m-thinking-of-you with a printable card, or otherwise make your day more artistic with a few clicks and a printer.

Free Printable Wall Art

Decorating your entire apartment with free printables that can fit on an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper isn’t a good idea, but free printables can work well alongside larger art pieces or to easily swap out the contents of a frame with each season.

Little Gold Pixel

Crafted by an interior designer, Little Gold Pixel has a wide variety of free printable wall art. Styles here cover anything from kids bedrooms and holidays to inspirational quotes and colorful art. The Los Angeles based designer behind Little Gold Pixel both designs the graphics herself and adds free artwork from other designers as well.


Chicfetti has several hundred free printables available, made by paper artist Jenny Bevlin. As the name suggests, these free printables are mostly feminine, but there’s a wide variety of options, including a customizable printable that makes for a visually friendlier way to display your Wi-Fi than a sticky note on the fridge. The downloads require signing up, but membership is free.

Burlap and Blue

DIY and home blog Burlap and Blue has over 75 different free printable wall art options. While the list may not be as extensive as others, the quality is good and the printables are suitable for a wide range of rooms, from nurseries to offices and craft rooms. There’s no sign-up required to download the printables.


Remodelaholic has a good-sized gallery of free printable wall art, including options that can be customized with names or monograms. The blog is run by an interior designer turned mom and DIY remodeler. Downloads require an email.

Free Printable Calendars

Kelly Sugar Crafts

If you get bored of the same style every month, Kelly Sugar Crafts has a new calendar page design for each month of the year, both as a free printable and as desktop and smartphone wallpapers.


Printer company Brother also has a selection of calendars that are free to print, both yearly and monthly styles. They also have greeting cards that are free to print.

Paper Trail Design

For a calendar with a design that will match any decor — and not use a ton of ink — try Paper Trail Design’s printable calendar.

It’s Always Autumn

For the photo lovers, this free printable calendar is designed to be customized with your own images, from blogger It’s Always Autumn. This DIY printable uses PSD files, so Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is a must.

Free printable cards

Canon Creative Park

If you think print-at-home cards can’t be fancy, try browsing through Canon Creative Park’s pop-up cards that you print and assemble yourself. If you’re not up for assembling a pop-up card, Canon also has hundreds of one-fold greeting cards, stationery and customizable photo cards. Canon also has wall art, paper crafts, coloring books and scrapbooking materials to print too.

Erin Condren

Designer Erin Condren is known for her planners and stationery, but she has a handful of card options that are free to print too. Organized by category, the cards are easy to browse and there’s no email commitment required.

Adobe Spark

Okay, so Adobe Spark isn’t exactly free printables — but the online program makes it easy to design and print your own cards. With the templates, printing out a card is almost as fast as a ready-made printable. Beware, though: The free version of Spark means you’ll have a Spark logo on what you print. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, you can remove the logo.

Looking for something specific? Pinterest is a good resource for more specific searches in free wall art, calendars, and cards (and you can try Lens to get even more specific). And if you’re willing to spend a few bucks, supporting artists on Etsy is another good option.

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