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Gitzo celebrates 100 years in business with two new flagship tripods

High-end tripod brand Gitzo has been in business for 100 years and to celebrate, it is launching two anniversary tripods, the Arsène Gitzhoven Edition and the 100 Year Anniversary Edition. Both special edition camera supports were announced on Tuesday.

The Arsène Gitzhoven, named after Gitzo’s founder, is a flagship tripod but limited to only 100 units worldwide. The company says the tripod is the first in the industry to use a full carbon fiber spider. The carbon fiber construction makes the tripod the lightest in Gitzo’s lineup, while also offering a new, all-black design finished with the customer’s signature on one leg.

With only 100 of the flagship tripods available, however, the Arsène Gitzhoven will cost photographers a cool $3,000 for the anniversary edition.

The second anniversary product will sell for half the price, with 1,917 of the 100 Year Anniversary Edition tripods available to celebrate the company’s founding in 1917. While the new black and titanium gray tripod uses a unique design, it is based on the company’s popular Traveler series, which means it uses 180-degree leg folding for more portability. The tripod is also designed with carbon fiber for a lighter profile. The tripod will not have the same signature engraving as the Arsène Gitzhoven, but will still be marked with the series number.

Along with launching the limited edition anniversary products, Gitzo also says fluid gimbal heads and a new camera bag collection will be coming to the company soon. The anniversary products are launching to Gitzo authorized dealers worldwide.

Gitzo was founded in France in 1917 by Gitzhoven, originally manufacturing cameras and cable releases. The company ceased production during World War II, but after launching again after the war, introduced tripods into its lineup. Gitzhoven’s daughter, Yvonne, led the company after her father’s retirement before the company became part of the Vitec Group in 1992, the company that now owns 23 different brands, including Manfrotto.

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