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Supermodel flies over active volcano in wingsuit for GoPro stunt

GoPro: Roberta Mancino's Wingsuit Flight Over An Active Volcano
Action cams have captured several shots of active volcanoes from the air using drones and planes, but one athlete captured the video firsthand–in only a wingsuit.

Roberta Mancino, an Italian model and extreme athlete, jumped from a helicopter over Villarrica, one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, in GoPro‘s latest promotional video. Mancino started her jump at 15,000 feet, gliding over top the volcano and landing safely with a parachute.

Mancino said that as she glided, she could smell the smoke and feel the heat, along with the turbulence created by the volcano.

Mancino wasn’t alone in her flight — two other jumpers can be seen in the video. Sebastian Alvarez and Carlos Pedro Briceño, both professional base jumpers, recorded Mancino’s journey from above. Two helmet cams and a chest mount directly on Mancino also captured the experience.

Mancino has completed over 9,000 jumps, including over 400 in a wingsuit and 8,000 in a freefall style, according to her bio. She also did a jump for Ironman 3. Along with her career as an extreme athlete and wingsuit coach, she’s also a model — Men’s Fitness named her the World’s Sexiest Female Athlete.

Working with GoPro, she also helped introduce new waterproof housing back in 2014 with a dive that resulted in her riding on a shark. She also did a wingsuit dive between two Panama City skyscrapers, again for her sponsor, GoPro.

Villarrica, located about 460 miles south of Santiago, is currently being monitored, and is at level yellow, the second lowest of four volcano warning levels, according to reports. During a level yellow, the public is discouraged from coming within one kilometer from its center. The most recent activity on Villarrica was reported in April, but the volcano also had a large eruption as early as last year, requiring an evacuation from nearby areas and temporarily closing the area to tourists.

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