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Hasselblad completes ‘4116 Collection’ with special edition X1D camera

Hasselblad made waves in earlier this year with the announcements of its H6D medium-format SLR and and mirrorless medium-format camera, the X1D. As for the latter, it is also the world’s first mirrorless medium format digital camera, and at the 2016 Photokina show in Germany, Hasselblad is unveiling a special edition, called the X1D 4116 Edition.

The new camera is part of Hasselblad’s 4116 Collection of products that celebrate the company 75th anniversary (the number is a combination of Hasselblad’s founding year, 1941, and the year 2016). Prior to the X1D 4116 Edition, Hasselblad introduced several special products to commemorate, including the Hasselblad True Zoom camera module for Motorola’s Moto Z smartphones, like the Moto Z Play Droid.

Comparing the standard X1D with the X1D 4116 Edition, the changes are cosmetic. Visually, instead of a gray-silver color palette, the X1D 4116 Edition has an all-black exterior with orange accents, plus a “4116” badge on the left side of the camera. As for specs, it is identical to the standard X1D.

“The success of the X1D has far exceeded our expectations and we are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received since the reveal in June,“ said Hasselblad CEO Perry Oosting, in a statement. “The X1D ‘4116 edition’ is a stylish evolution of the medium format camera and we are very excited to be introducing it into the 4116 collections.”

Hasselblad also announced a new XCD lens for the X1D system. The XCD 30mm lens joins the XCD 45mm and XCD 90mm lenses announced back in June, and is the widest-angle lens available to date, with a 24mm equivalent field of view, aperture range of 3.5-32, and minimum focus distance of 0.4 meters.

Hasselblad XCD 30mm
Hasselblad XCD 30mm

The X1D 4116 Edition is expected to become available soon and will be priced at $12,995; it comes with the XCD 45mm lens and a leather hand strap. Pricing for the XCD 30mm has not been announced.

In addition to the special edition X1D, Hasselblad also unveiled the V1D 4116 Concept camera, which is a nod back to the company’s old square-format V-mount cameras like the 503. This concept camera, much like the original 503 bodies, would be modular, with different viewfinders, grips, and other module accessories available for photographers to kit out their camera to fit their needs and shooting style. The camera would use a 75-megapixel square-format sensor.

It is still just a concept at this point, but fans of Hasselblad’s old 503 and V-Mount system will no doubt be enthused to see such a camera system make it to market. There is no timeline for production.

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