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How not to dispose of old floppy disks

Will it Mow? Floppy disks
“I gotta lot of private data on these old disks, I better get rid of them to make sure no one sees what I do on my computer,” the YouTuber says at the start of his video.

With labels such as “furry porn,” it seems like a wise move.

However, his method of destruction is spectacularly offbeat, with the entire collection of disks dropped directly onto the spinning blades of an upturned lawnmower.

The video is the latest in a series called Will it Mow? which, as its title suggests, runs along the same lines as the more famous Will it Blend? channel that in recent weeks celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Will it Mow? videos are actually the work of the team behind the high-speed Chronos 1.4 camera, which this week blasted through its Kickstarter target within five hours of hitting the crowdfunding site.

The videos highlight the impressive slow-motion capabilities of the camera, which can shoot at almost 22,000 frames per second.

If you get a kick out of watching the disks getting smashed to smithereens, then you might also enjoy the team’s slow-motion footage of a computer keyboard landing on the lawnmower, or, and this one’s particularly brutal, a digital camera.

Surveying the scene following the disks’ destruction, the YouTuber calls it “one of the most spectacular shots we’ve taken so far and probably by far the messiest.”

The video ends with an image of a metal part of one of the disks embedded in a wooden board, explaining very clearly why “no one is allowed in the room while doing this.” No, folks, best not to try this at home.

If you happen to have some floppy disks you want to destroy, here’s a much more sensible method.

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