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Ikea pokes fun at Instagram food porn obsession in new ad

Instagram wasn’t around in the 18th century, but if it had been, this is likely what it would look like if one were to “Instagram” a family dinner and share it with the world.

Created as part of Ikea’s latest ad campaign, Let’s Relax pokes fun at the ongoing trend of people photographing every piece of food that’s ever placed down in front of them (#foodporn).

In doing so, Ikea hopes the ad, as humorous as it is, will help viewers leave “those expectations at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating, and being together.”

In the 90-second commercial, we see a wonderful family feast about to be consumed by a rather regal looking family. Right before the children dive into their dishes though, their father rings a bell, summoning the impressively prepared family painter.

While the family waits for the artist to finish his work, they sit patiently, still unable to consume their food while their father looks over every detail of the painting. When finally completed, the painting takes a long stroll throughout the city, where citizens respond to the painted meal with a thumbs up or thumbs down, synonymous with “liking” an Instagram post.

After a long haul around town, the painting finally arrives back to the home of the family, where a resounding thumbs up is given, showing the village approves of their meal. Only now can the family consume their feast, which we can only presume is cold.

As the family dives in, the video transitions to modern times, where the same people are once again around a table. Overlaid on the transition is a phrase we can all take to heart next time a meal is prepared for the family, “it’s a meal, not a competition […] let’s relax.”

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