Interactive ‘no fly’ map shows where you can safely operate a camera drone

interactive fly map shows can safely operate drone dont drones here
As we’ve mentioned before, the FAA isn’t too thrilled about people flying camera drones or any unmanned aerial vehicle, but as long as you’re doing it for recreational purposes (i.e., you’re not making money off of it), the FAA can’t stop you. However, there are places where bans against drones have been put in place, whether it’s the U.S. National Parks, military bases, airports, or certain municipal areas. Even in places where it’s OK to fly, local law enforcement agencies may not be aware. The problem is that, until firm rules are set, nobody seems to know where exactly it’s OK to fly a drone.

Enter Don’t Fly Drones Here, an online, interactive website created by Mapbox. While not official nor is it complete, the map is based on all the known no-fly data Mapbox collected. No-fly areas are shaded in red on the map, which includes the aforementioned national parks, military bases, and airports. A map of New York City, for example (shown above), shows no-fly zones to be the airports in the region. For places that aren’t listed but the public may be aware of, Mapbox has created a Github repository that lets users submit feedback and help enhance the map.

To find out where the no-fly areas in your hood are, try out the interactive map below.

(Via PetaPixel, Pop Photo; image, map via Mapbox)

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