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Leica TL2 update fixes flaw that had potential to leave camera useless

Leica Tl2 on table
The Leica TL2 aims to fix some of the performance issues of the luxury brand’s more affordably priced mirrorless cameras, but users of the newly released camera will want to download a firmware update — or potentially be left with a camera that doesn’t work at all. The company recently released a Leica TL2 firmware update for the camera, which itself was released earlier in July, fixing a bug that could leave the camera useless if paired with Leica’s Visoflex electronic viewfinder.

The firmware comes less than two weeks after Leica identified the bug. According to the official statement, when using the TL2 with the electronic viewfinder, “a defect may occur that could stop the camera from working.” Shortly after releasing the statement suggesting TL2 users refrain from pairing the camera with the external viewfinder, the company said that they had identified the issue and would be releasing a firmware update as a solution soon.

The Leica TL2, like the TL and TL1, sports a minimalist design that doesn’t  include a viewfinder. The Visoflex electronic viewfinder adds the feature by sliding into the camera’s hot shoe slot.

It’s unclear what sort of bug caused the viewfinder to crash the camera. “With the new Firmware 1.1 the Leica TL2 is fully functional; camera and viewfinder can be used without any restrictions,” the official statement reads. The firmware is available for TL2 users from the Leica website, while the company says users can also stop into authorized Leica Dealers for the firmware.

The Leica TL2, introduced earlier this month, brought new features to the company’s approachable TL series, including a higher resolution 24 megapixel APS-C sensor. With complaints of the original TL calling out the camera’s speed, the latest in the series hits an impressive 20 fps with the electronic sensor. The update also brings 4K video to the line.

The TL2 isn’t the only camera to suffer from bugs created by pairing the camera with a particular accessory. Canon warned of incomplete compatibility with the Sigma Art lenses on the 5D Mark IV, later fixed with firmware. Other recent bugs fixed with firmware cross several brands, including a potential overheating issue on the Sony A6300 and a fix for shaky panning on the Panasonic G85.

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