Lowepro launches ViewPoint bags designed to haul your action camera gear

Taking your action camera on location isn’t easy if you don’t have a suitable way to carry it. That bag has to stand up to the same environmental rigors as the camera itself. For the advanced action cam user, Lowepro introduced the ViewPoint Series, a line of bags that will make any GoPro or other action cam proud.

The ViewPoint bags are designed with the outdoors in mind. They have a number of features such as quick-grab handles and built-in straps for adjustability and convenience. Padding is ample, while adjustable dividers allow for customizing the bag to particular needs.

“We understand the unique carrying needs of action photographers; they require flexible solutions that look beyond the camera and allow them to pack action gear such as skateboards, trekking poles or other equipment,” says Tim Grimmer, vice president of brand and product at Lowepro, in a company statement. “When we designed our new line, we incorporated feedback from our most enthusiastic action video photographers. This feedback helped us shape the new ViewPoint Series to allow them to combine all of the gear they need to get the shots they want from street to park and beyond.”

The series includes four bags (BP 250 AW, CS 40, CS 60, and CS 80) that are flexible. The BP 250 AW (($130) back can hold up to three GoPro or similar cameras; a compact tripod; a 15-inch laptop, and a 10-inch tablet. It can also secure other gear and accessories such as a skateboard, helmet, or headphones. The case for the cameras is removable, so you use the bag for other non-filming needs.

If you don’t have a lot of gear, the entry-level CS 40 ($30) fits one camera and a handful of accessores. The CS 60 ($40) holds up to two cameras and accessories; a zippered mesh pocket and cable organization panel offers more function. The CS 80 ($50) has the same features as the CS 60, but it can hold up to three cameras. Because the bags are customizable, you could technically squeeze in additional cameras or accessories, depending on your workflow.

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