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The MeVideo Globetrotter is a travel-oriented video tripod designed by MeFoto

MeVIDEO Travel Video Tripod
MeFoto is known for its colorful, travel-friendly camera tripods, but now the company’s focus on portability is leading it to tackle an even bigger accessory — video tripods. On October 16, MeFoto announced the MeVideo sister brand along with the new MeVideo Globetrotter launching on Kickstarter.

The MeVideo Globetrotter has several features in common with the tripod of the same name from MeFoto (not to be confused with the MeFoto Air series for smartphones), including reverse-folding legs and a center column that converts into a monopod. The MeVideo Globetrotter takes several of those features and adapts them for use with video.

The MeVideo’s unique video head mixes a traditional video head with a ball-style leveling column that allows for adjustments using knobs instead of going back and re-adjusting the legs. The head also features a panning handle that can be moved to the opposite side for lefties. The flat bottom of the head also means the system can be added on top of a jig or slider.

The adjustable leg angles and split center column allow videographers to shoot low to the ground. With independent angle adjustments, each leg can be set at a different angle, opening up more positions to suit a variety of terrains. At the bottom of those legs, rubber feet with retractable spikes help adapt to different surfaces.

Constructed from either anodized aluminum or carbon fiber, brushed aluminum detailing adds finishing touches. The tripod can hold up to 8.8 pounds of gear, accommodating mirrorless and DLSR systems as well as options like the Canon C100. The aluminum version weighs 6.64 pounds while the carbon fiber shaves off about a half pound to allow the unit to sit at 6.06 pounds. Folded, the tripod is just under 22 inches long, while fully extended the system reaches 65.7 inches.

“We created MeVideo with one simple goal: To create the best compact, travel-friendly, user-friendly video tripod ever for today’s on-the-go filmmakers and videographers,” Brian Hynes, MeFoto & MeVideo brand marketing manager, said in a press release. “We wanted to create a tripod that makes sense from the moment you put your hands on it; something detailed, yet approachable – and then, to make it incredibly beautiful.”

The company aims to launch the MeVideo to retail outlets in early 2018 for a list price of $499 for the aluminum version and $699 for the carbon fiber version, while backers willing to take the Kickstarter risk could get those systems for $349 or $499, respectively.

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