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Olloclip’s new design gives the iPhone 7 camera interchangeable lenses

olloclip iphone 7
Olloclip is giving the iPhone 7 interchangeable lenses. The popular smartphone photography accessory company announced Monday redesigned lens sets for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The updated lens kits use a new hinged base to secure the lenses over the camera, and the company says the mount is even compatible with most brands of screen protectors. But arguably the biggest upgrade is the reimagined Connect system for easily swapping out the different lenses over the base.

olloclip's newly designed mobile photography lens sets for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature new premium multi-element optics, the new Connect(TM) interchangeable lens system and an innovative hinged lens base keeping the lens flush with the camera for improved optical performance while allowing compatibility with most screen protectors. This new design delivers premium optics in the simplest, quickest and most versatile mobile lens system ever created. (PRNewsFoto/olloclip)

Olloclip says the new Connect mounts maintain the features of earlier systems while adding the ability to instantly swap out compatible lenses. The new mount allows the lenses to be switched without any extra tools — the hinge-style design of the base aligns each lens with the iPhone’s built in lens for the most clarity, while allowing up to 0.5mm of wiggle room to adapt to a screen protector. The mount system works with both the iPhone’s front- and rear-facing cameras.

“Olloclip is committed to continually enhancing the mobile photography experience,” said Olloclip founder Patrick O’Neill. “That means giving full respect to mobility with no oversized, heavy lenses and paying strict attention to delivering beautiful photography with the simplest, quickest and most versatile user experience possible.”

Along with the new mount system, the updated lenses utilize new multi-element coated glass optics for sharp images, Olloclip says.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus lenses are available in three different sets, with all the lenses interchangeable with the new mount system. The core lens set includes a fisheye, super wide and 15x macro lens. The active lens set has both a 2x optical zoom to get closer to the action as well as a 155-degree ultrawide lens for mimicking the look of an action camera. The macro set includes three lenses, magnifying objects at 7x, 14x and 21x.

All three lens sets include a wearable pendant stand that keeps the lenses within easy access and also doubles as a tripod. The core set retails for $100, or $120 with a case. Both the active lens set and macro sets retail for $80. The iPhone 7 lens sets are expected to be available beginning next month.

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