Olloclip goes Android with first lens accessory for Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4

olloclip lens accessory samsung galaxy s5 s4

Ever since it first debuted on Kickstarter three years ago, the Olloclip attachable camera lens for iPhone has inspired envy in the hearts of Android-using camera buffs everywhere. Now, after all this time, Olloclip finally announced its first 4-in-1 lens attachment for Android. The new Olloclip is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4.

Just like the iPhone accessory, the Samsung version offers four different lenses in a compact attachment that slips onto your Galaxy S5 or S4 smartphone. The Olloclip features a fisheye lens that can capture a 180-degree field of view, a wide-angle lens that nearly doubles the field-of-view, a 10x macro lens with an 18mm focus distance, and a 15x macro lens with a 12mm focus distance.

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The lens attachment weighs less than an ounce and is relatively small in size for added portability. The Olloclip for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is slightly bigger than the one for the S4 because it’s built specifically to match each phone’s dimensions.

Olloclip redesigned the attachment to suit the central camera placement featured on both the S5 and S4. The iPhone Olloclip simply slides onto one corner of the phone and you can change lenses by rotating the attachment 180 degrees. The Samsung version requires a cross-body design, which positions the two different lenses diagonally along the back top corner of the Galaxy S5 or S4.

If you mount the Olloclip on the left side, you’ll have the wide-angle lens in place. Conversely, if it’s on the right side, you’ll have the fish-eye lens covering Samsung’s camera. From there, you can add which ever zoom lens you want.

The Samsung lens attachment is currently up for pre-order on Olloclip’s website for $70. The company estimates that it will arrive in mid-September.