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Perfect Memory's body camera wants to take your social media to the next level

Perfect Memory is bringing it’s patented auto-editing video technology to the body-camera market with the new flagship Smart Pro Camera. The camera is currently up for consideration over on Indiegogo as the company looks to get the last bit of funding they need to make the project a reality.

The idea behind the Perfect Memory Smart Pro Camera, and the technology behind it, is that we are all looking for better, faster, easier ways to share what is going on in our lives. The Perfect Memory system will record your life, just like any other body camera does, but the fun extra is that it will also completely edit it for you into fun, shareable clips that you can blast on your social accounts. It is an interesting take on the whole life-logging trend, which has traditionally stuck to snapping and sharing still images due to the complexity and size of video files.

Marketed as a Luxury wearable, the Perfect Memory Smart Pro Camera comes in a sleek metal body, includes a 12MP sensor with a fixed lens featuring a 140-degree field of view, it also includes Wi-Fi connectivity for easily viewing and sharing your videos from your phone, and is GoPro mount compatible, timelapse capable, and runs on a battery that they say will last an entire day.

This is a wearable tailor-made for the Instagram and Snapchat generation, allowing users to quickly and easily up their social media game by posting video clips of their life without ever needing to process or edit the videos themselves. Another angle here is the ability for memory-challenged individuals to have a visual record to reference important moments in their life.

But how does the camera know what is important and what should be made into a clip? That is likely the simplest answer to any question you may have about this wearable. The camera has touch sensors, so you just tap the camera and it will save highlights of whatever you are doing. It’s simple as that.

As of this post, the Indiegogo campaign has reached over $28,000 of its $30,000 goal. If you are interested in learning more about the product or backing it, you can find the Indiegogo campaign here. The Perfect Memory Smart Pro Camera will come in silver or a limited-edition rose gold, is expected to retail for $119, and is scheduled to start shipping in October.

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