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This add-on device for DSLRs can be used as a shutter release and for theft prevention

There are Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, and then there’s Pinout, a fully funded Indigogo project that gives Nikon DSLRs a bit more than just a basic Wi-Fi connection. While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available on many newer DSLRs, Pinout isn’t just a remote shutter release — it’s also a theft prevention tool.

Pinout uses a built-in GPS, and for more than just geotagging photos. Users can set up an alert if their camera gets too far away (up to 98 feet) to prevent theft — or to keep themselves from leaving it behind.

Wi-Fi-enabled cameras make it easier to share photos on social media, but most still fall short of the same capabilities of many smartphone apps — Zesty 6, the developer behind Pinout, is hoping to fill in those gaps, and then some. With the small device plugged into a port on a DSLR, users can create HDR images and timelapses in the app, skipping out the usual tedious editing process that smartphone cameras can already forgo.

While remote release through a phone isn’t new, the Pinout appears to be more fully featured. Instead of just touchscreen control, the Pinout app will allow users to take a photo by pressing the volume button or shaking the phone — and there’s even a voice-activated shutter option.

Pinout can also control up to ten cameras from one smartphone, which could be a useful tool for video production and advanced shoots.

Pinout’s pin-shaped design plugs into the accessory port on most modern Nikon DSLRs, leaving the hot-shoe free for other accessories. The design also allows the device to stay in the camera when stored. Without a battery, Pinout does take some of the camera’s battery power, but the developers say using the device for a year will only take about the amount of power that’s stored in a button battery.

After reaching full funding on Indiegogo earlier this year, Pinout is expected to ship as early as next week. The project is still open for backers, though, with three different price levels extending from $24 to $89.

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