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New Polaroid digital instant Polaroid Pop camera makes what’s old new again

Developing story -- Polaroid Pop digital instant camera has pricing and details

If you’ve missed the days of Polaroid’s iconic 3 by 4-inch photographs, today’s your lucky day. Polaroid has announced the availability of the Polaroid Pop, an all-new digital instant camera that uses its new Zink paper technology to bring back the iconic white borders that once defined the instant photography world. Originally displayed during CES 2017 in January, Polaroid announced the pricing and availability of the instant camera on August 30.

To celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2017, Polaroid says it “could not think of a better way to kick off this milestone year than with the debut of the Polaroid Pop instant digital camera at CES 2017.”

Unlike Polaroid cameras of days past, the Polaroid Pop doesn’t rely on liquid chemicals encased within a plastic sheet to create the image. Instead, it utilizes Polaroid’s Zink Zero Ink paper technology, which uses embedded dye crystals and heat to create a 3.5- by 4.25-inch print, complete with the white border we’ve come to love.

The camera features a 3.97-inch touchscreen LCD display on the back, which is used to change settings and browse through the 20-megapixel images captured with its CMOS sensor. It offers a MicroSD card slot for storing the digital images, a dual LED flash on the front for brightening up the darkest of scenes, a self-timer mode, three in-camera filter modes, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity for easy sharing to your smartphone through Polaroid’s free Polaroid Print app.

In a press release, Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy says the Polaroid Pop “perfectly [blends] nostalgia with modern design and functionality […] staying true to the Polaroid core values of sharing, instant, fun, and ease-of-use, while pushing the envelope with a fresh form factor and the latest technology.”

The Polaroid Pop will be available in white, black, blue, and red for a $200 list price, with 10 sheets of Zink paper for $10 .

The camera also launched with the Polaroid Hoop, a security camera with 1080p HD video and a 140-degree lens. Polaroid says the Hoop offers simple set up and intelligent alerts sent to the mobile app. The Hoop retails for $180 for the indoor version and $200 for the outdoor version.

Updated: Included pricing and availability along with details on the Polaroid Hoop.

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