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Sure, the Mavic Pro is a great flyer but now it's a great ground camera, too

Adventure photography company PolarPro is aiming to bring more shooting possibilities with both the GoPro Hero5 and the DJI Mavic Pro. On April 17, PolarPro announced a Hero5 dome for capturing split footage both above and below the waterline, while the new Katana Mavic Tray allows Mavic Pro users to shoot stable footage from the ground. Both products are debuting at the NAB Expo, April 24-27.

The GoPro Hero5 is designed to go almost anywhere, but the new PolarPro FiftyFifty Hero5 Dome makes it easy to place the camera right at the waterline, keeping half of the shot underwater and half of the shot above. A floating Yukon grip works with the lens dome to keep the camera steady at the water’s surface.

The dome clips on to the front of the camera and uses optics designed for enhanced clarity at the water line, while the dome shape helps push the water away from the lens to create that split effect. The $50 accessory is designed to create the split level effect without expensive dive housings and includes the dome, floating grip, leash, and thumbscrew. The dome also carries the same 33-foot depth rating as the housing-free Hero5.

DJI’s Mavic drone includes both a camera and a gimbal — and the PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray allows both to be used from the ground by creating an easier way to grip the system to shoot handheld. The grip wraps around the sides of the drone when folded, with two handles coming out on top for a comfortable grip. A smartphone slot allows users to frame the shot using the preview from the Mavic’s app.

By giving the Mavic a comfortable grip and a preview screen, PolarPro aims to help the drone’s owners use the camera and gimbal system in no-fly areas or for adding more variety to the shots with some ground-based footage. The tray is constructed using glass-filled nylon and is expected to retail for $50.

Both the lens dome and grip tray are now available for pre-order from PolarPro.

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