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Set your own prices for your stock media content with Pond5

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Gunnar Pippel
One of the most vocal complaints from photographers who submit their work to stock media services is the lack of control over payment.

Many stock media sites rely on a static pricing platform based on percentages given each time a photograph is used by a buyer or subscriber. This is the way it’s been for quite some time and from the looks of it, not many sites are willing to change their methods.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for every site however. A new stock media site called Pond5 is setting itself apart by handing over pricing control to the artists who create and submit the content.


Rather than creating a financial structure based off razor thin margins and small percentages, Pond5 hopes to change the game by letting the artists set their own prices. After all, not all forms of content are created equal — some cost far more to produce than others.

Currently, the site offers six different categories of media: footage, music, sound effects, after effects, images, and 3D models. For each of these categories, artists and creatives are able to charge what they feel their work is worth.

A common issue with this type of pricing system is the inevitable race to the bottom. This doesn’t benefit either party though, so Pond5 has taken to combating undercutting by offering customized tips and insight for the creators so that they may better understand the value of their content.

Matching industry leaders like Stocksy and ImageBrief, Pond5 takes a 50-percent commission, a fair cut considering current pricing standards. Combine this with the freedom for artists to set their own prices, and you end up with a stock media site that has the potential to set itself apart from the rest.

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