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These selfie-snapping koalas may be the cutest fuzzballs on Instagram right now

selfie snapping koalas may cutest fuzzballs instagram right now koala 2
Everybody loves pictures of cute animals, right? And Instagram is a big repository of cute, cuddly, fuzzy pet photos. What most of these pictures have in common, besides being lovable, is that they are taken by either the pets owners, zookeepers, or photographers who specialize in pet photography. This koala trio living at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, however, probably takes the cake for being the cutest bunch of fuzzballs, because they actually snap their own selfies.

Yes, that’s right. The three cuddly creatures responding (or not) to the names Bruce, Aaron, and Bill (we honestly can’t think of more awesome names for koalas) regularly snap their own selfies with a Sony QX100 camera module that was installed in their enclosure. As the Telegraph reports, the camera is installed on branches of the trees that the koalas climb, using a tripod claw that looks to be a GorillaPod. The koalas seem to have developed a strange affection to the camera, which is activated by their movements.

It had to happen eventually with all these #selfies being taken… it's a #photobomb ! #koalaQXselfie #WILDLIFE #Sydney #Zoo

A post shared by WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo (@wildlifesydneyzoo) on

One of the koalas’ keepers, Kylie Hackshall, explains their behavior to the Telegraph: “They were very interested – they gave the camera a few sniffs and that was it. Koalas are quite intrigued by new things and new smell.” Which makes us wonder if the koala selfie stunt can be pulled of multiple times, or if the animals will lose interest in the camera after a while. Anyway, the koala selfies have made their way to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo’s Instagram account, where you can adore them in all their cuteness, and also many other cute animals.

Now that’s we’ve overloaded you with cuteness for the morning, you can resume your normal activities.

(Via io9; images via Wild Life Sydney Zoo, News Corp Australia)

Another selfie?! Come on boys, go to sleep! #koalaQXselfie #selfie #Sony #WILDLIFE #Sydney #Zoo

A post shared by WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo (@wildlifesydneyzoo) on

Brucey's discovered Instagram filters and he's loving them! #koalaQXselfie #brelfie #selfie #WILDLIFE #Sydney #Zoo

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