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Shutterstock’s A.I. helps prevent you from committing copyright infringement

Shutterstock is making it easier to web surfers to resist swiping a copyrighted photo on Google — Shutterstock Reveal is a new Google Chrome extension that allows web surfers to select an image from the search results to find a similar shot that’s actually available to license. Announced on Tuesday, May 8, the tool comes alongside the launch of two new search tools inside Shutterstock Showcase (previously Shutterstock Labs).

After installing the plug-in, images in the search results will have an icon in the upper right corner. Clicking the icon opens a Shutterstock pop-up that displays images similar to that first image from the Shutterstock library, which now numbers more than 180 million images. The plug-in works for photos as well as illustrations and vector graphics.

Shutterstock is also launching a new platform for the company’s experimental search tool, bringing two new options to the list of tools for users to try out. Renamed from Shutterstock Labs, Shutterstock Showcase uses artificial intelligence tools to assist searches on the stock image platform.

Refine is a new experimental A.I. tool that allows users to select a handful of images from the first page of search results in order to refine a new search based on those images. The A.I.-powered tool is designed to help users find a specific style. 

The second tool, Copy Space, allows graphic designers to look for images that leave enough space for text. The tool uses computer vision and includes tools for searching based on how much space is needed as well as where that space is.

“Shutterstock is dedicated to providing our customers with smart, easy to use tools and technology that are seamlessly integrated into their daily workflow,” Jon Oringer, founder and CEO of Shutterstock, said in a press release. “We continue to invest in building an innovative platform for our users around the world and investing in computer vision research and deep learning to improve the customer experience. It’s exciting to be able to share the results of some of the A.I. technology we have been working on.” 

The search options follow earlier A.I.-based tools like Composition Aware, which allows users to search for photos based on where the objects are in the photos, rather than using only keywords. The previous tool is now joined by the latest A.I.-powered options inside Shutterstock Showcase.

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