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Working with RAW video files? Update to SlimRAW lowers file sizes without quality loss

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Picheat Suviyanond
The problem with all the advances in imaging tech is that storing large 4K video files — or uploading them to the web — quickly becomes an issue. But what if you could reduce those file sizes without reducing the quality? SlimRAW, a CinemaDNG compression program, could help ease the issue with the expanded options in its latest update.

Released earlier this week, version 1.6 of SlimRaw offers an additional 5:1 lossy CinemaDNG compression to the earlier 3:1 and 4:1 choices. While the new compression modes offer more choices for videographers, a new lossless compression mode will reduce the file size while keeping quality intact, the firm says.

The new lossless compression is logarithmically encoded to create smaller files without a loss in quality. While lossless compresses files without quality loss, lossy achieves the compression by sacrificing some data. Lossless 10-bit is a variation of lossless in that the quality is preserved, but it applies a tone-mapping curve to further reduce file size. The lossless 10-bit is designed for use with a 12-, 14-, or 16-bit RAW camera. The latest SlimRAW update gives videographers more options for optimizing video from different devices for a variety of uses.

Along with compressing big files, the program serves as a converter, switching lossy or lossless RAW files to CinemaDNG for greater compatibility with multiple editors and viewers. The platform can also be used to save video from the camera to two locations at once, all while compressing the files, generating checksums and keeping the metadata intact. SlimRAW is also designed to save time by uploading footage from the camera and compressing files in one step.

The platform can further be used with DNG stills and is directly compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a feature that users often use to create time lapses.

SlimRAW is available for both iOS and Windows, with a free trial and a $49 full version.

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